Cuse Me, What Happened?

January 2012

Behind umbrellas we constantly hide the truth we work,
i may be a minor but i'm nothing like Major Jerk,
walk around like i'm on percs until i look in your eyes,
one night of Rum and fun led me between your thighs,

up in the skies out of ear length while you moan,
both of us have improved and i'm proud you've grown,
why would i groan when i was with someone like you,
who cares about the exCUSE just know i would bike too,

the spot i needed to get to just to hold you close,
kissin your lips, neck, ears and nose,
don't worry no one knows but i'll never forget,
like a giant insect getting squished i can't regret,

don't let me down i'm finally beginning to find,
the motivation inside me and peace of mind,
well you do me and to me you are more than a girl,
you're the one that got away, a girl of the world.

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