I'm Left All Alone

January 2012

What if when this storms over i never look at you the same,
what once was mere perfection turns into something so plain,
a perfect picture, i actually keep my eyes above your shoulders,
in the near future it'll all turn into boulders,

keeping me from presently progressing, i confess you are a gift,
never forget laying to Mayer the time moving by too swift,
it uplifts me to know for some time i was yours,
now i'm left all alone in a hallway of locked doors,

New Years is gone can't see her in the same light,
i fear the same for you how can i ignite?
it's not right that you can just turn it all off,
make me feel just like a painful cough,

this isn't everything you are so try again,
try to forget about distance we're better than friends,
we'll last longer than trends and we'll both be happy,
finally i will no longer need to call myself Shaggy.

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kw cs

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