It Was Too Easy For You To Quit

January 2012

If you wanted the world to just us close your eyes,
and i'll make Delafield a ghost town in two tries,
take away the sunlight and keep us under the stars,
litter the street with cigarette buds and stranded cars,

if you want to bring your horses i'd build us a stable,
with these two hands i'm ready willing and able,
as long as i get to wake up to your smile it'd happen,
don't even care if my finger on a desk is all the tappin,

i'd have all the knowledge from going to college,
be happy a potato as long as you would acknowledge,
for now your nothing but a dreamt of wish in my head,
and a past lifetime away, an old smell in my bed,

i'll take credit for the downfall as long as you'll admit,
that in the beginning it was hard not to quit,
coincidence was our maker and fears our destroyer,
if you were a boss in love i'd soon be an employer.

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