What Did I Do?

January 2012

Quit acting like it's OK when you're the reason i'm unhappy,
haven't i given you all i can and all that you let me?
well maybe baby i could remove your legs from my waist,
look i'm sorry if i made us feel like a waste,

can you tell me what i did to end your calls,
locked away from any friends behind your walls,
and surprise it was wise to misplace all my tries,
still to this day i lose my breath to blue eyes,

sure i get the feeling that distance brings a fear,
still that doesn't explain why our tap is flat beer,
my world was shaken my heart was achin,
my mind was makin up lies, heartbreaks and,

then you came abruptly into my life just to quietly leave,
i don't think i'll ever know why you planted our seed,
it's already grown probably way ahead of time,
it'd be a lot easier if you weren't way ahead of fine.

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