Once More Just Call Me

January 2012

What if the world ends and i don't see you again,
and the way it is now is how we will end,
ever since i accepted your request to be my friend,
in my top 5 you've been my number one trend,

i've lost my babysitter, coach and even my Grandma,
never even met the one with my name, my Grandpa,
you were the shock, our current attraction is the awe,
stop acting like a lioness with a prick in her paw,

i can't allow you to again be within my grasp,
and just walk away nonchalantly bare feet in the grass,
once i lost you i realized i never had you, gasp,
what a comfort to know she was just a piece of ass,

still even when i want to mean that i can't,
i want to say your a hoe and i'm a plant,
maybe i'll grow better if you delight me with chant,
and once more just call me to rant.

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