At Least She Was Passed

January 2012

I Wish tonight would have been a better night to mingle,
in my nightmare you're in pain cause you're single,
and you're dancing to Maroon 5, it's our jingle,
even when you're taken i still feel a tingle,

and maybe if i opened up more i wouldn't fall for Kath,
i'd already be clean so i wouldn't need a bath,
if she didn't have her personality, blue eyes & ass,
i might have given her an A-, at least she was passed,

and then a man brings up my past of 4 years,
doesn't he see me slurring my words? three cheers,
buying 2 dollar dutches and 15 dollar beers,
to drink away all my current fears,

and here's to another time i was a ghost,
had no feelings when someone cared most,
just pass me the ball and i'll score in a post,
cause i think you're as hot as an overcooked roast.

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kp kw

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