Eyes Closed

January 2012

With my eyes closed i feel lips that aren't yours,
you work my heart with a laundry list of chores,
peek through and see brown hair pretend i drew it,
seek you i wasn't in love when i knew it,

so i keep my eyes closed so nothing can leave it,
you're the blanket keeping me arm if only you'd weave it,
no one can come close to you, thats the ugly truth,
love isn't something for distance, thats just ugly youth,

another morning of cuddling using my imagination,
seeing you instead of them, you're my inspiration,
in a million attempts with you i wouldn't undo,
when i'm depressed they're just girls i run to,

tell them they suck, they're not me, is all you say,
if you opened up your arms i'd go all the way,
with eyes closed i'm laying in bed with a brunette,
trying to pretend it's you so her i don't thoroughly inspect.

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