It's You I'm Thinking Of

January 2012

Hands down i'm way too proud for love,
but when i'm at my worst it's you i'm thinking of,
and when all the torment of loneliness leaves it mark,
it's you i'm thinking of walking in memory park,

i know it was you that told me no feelings,
and it was me who said you don't know who you're dealing,
when the texts stop sending will you really miss me?
and think of me like i do when you kissed me,

when a girl hits on me it's you i'm thinking of,
comparing every little aspect like shopping for gloves,
passing up on most of them cause they don't add up,
before you bruised me up u luckily padded up,

now there is a fire slowly burning in my chest,
that prevents me from ever being my best,
hands down i'm too proud for love,
but at night with my head to the stars it's you i'm thinking of.

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