You Could Be Happy

January 2012

You could be happy and i won't be wiser,
compared to your all the way beauty i am an eyesore,
you could be happy and i really hope you are,
seems the only way to reach you is become a rock star,

all the things i said that i'd now take back,
locking legs to John Mayer in the pitch black,
is it too late to remind you how we were?
you're moving so fast away from me your a blur,

most of all i just long to see you,
i have minor hope of that to look forward to,
night of silence wasting away is my gift,
already dead so i don't groan over the graveyard shift,

somehow everything i see reminds me of you,
for the tiniest moment all my hope came through,
you could be happy and i can die happily to that,
i don't need anyone to give me anything to get at.

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