January 2012

She doesn't care when he has liked her for years,
meanwhile i'm walking home my biggest fears,
tried not to but i glanced when we all said cheers,
and toasted your birthday plus the brand new year,

seriously you think we'll work out in time?
you should know i'm not worth your dime,
even with our arms around each other you aren't mine,
plus presently my life is in turmoil and nothing is fine,

well heavenly divine won't open up for a man like me,
i'll never go back to OK, never going to be me,
maybe one day she'll see she means everything to me,
shaky legs attach your arms and balance to me,

at one point i swear you kissed my back,
and that one moment was enough to pick up my slack,
walking so slowly like you stepped on tacks,
while you're waterworks were on we said nothing but facts.

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