Better Man

April 2017

I know i'm better off alone,

still in a bad place can't get out of my dome,

we both left memories like songs on an old cassete,

when we were perfect is a time i'll never forget.


Every night until 4am, i'm thinking where we would be,

if only a better man is something i could be.


Should she know that daily i dream of that other universe?

how i miss you and wish i wasn't the worst,

i knew we were doomed, it was never planned,

i just can never be your better man.


Maybe i'm better off alone without another,

or a woman who still lived with her lover,

still i loved her, she was my hardcover,

my favorite book i'd love to take off the shelf and rediscover.


At our worst i felt like anything i did wasn't allowed,

it always felt like you didn't want to be around,

i pushed your love away, i admit it but when did it start?

when you called me Tom and i saw your texts and knew you two couldn't be apart.


Still i love you and at night i dream of those other versions,

the ones that are madly in love and didn't worsen,

i feel the love for you, i hope you understand,

i know i can never be your better man.


I hold onto our love because it's the best thing i ever had,

you're the woman i want to marry and it's something i'll never have,

you gave me the best that you could, i see that,

and i could never get out of my head to give you that back.


I'm sorry i'm not your better man,

i know what we would have been if i had a game plan,

if things were different we'd still be in love,

i'd be the one, the only one you're speaking of.


Most days during my walks a song comes on and i cry,

cause i miss you, no matter how hard i try

to not think about you, cause i knew you were it... then you ran,

i'm sorry i could never be your better man.


I'm still in love with you, but i'm not your better man.

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