I'm Lost Till I Find What I Found in You

April 2017

Half of my bed has slowly grown cold,

something your warmth will never know,

cause in the end you're never alone,

like i'll be til i find what i found in you.


Spent a weekend in 2015 in California,

came back recharged, met you but didn't warn ya,

where you're honest, i tend to lie,

i'll overexaggerate and never fully try.


Always getting stress, collects in my chest,

kept quiet all year, could no longer digest,

i'm no where near happy, much closer to depressed,

and i will be til i find what i found in you.


I've got to find a way to let you go,

the love i still have for you is making me crazy,

i'm serious baby,

i've got to let you go.

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