The Words Are Still The Same

December 2016

Every place i go reminds me of you,

what am i supposed to do?

since our first words to one another i've known i love you,

hoped to meet a girl who wanted to grow with me, truly believed you'd want to.


Is it a blessing or curse not knowing what we could have been?

numb, you kept me in recycling for so long, empty the bin,

i was doing just fine before you ran in,

then slowly and destructively backed out; just to run back in.


Am i to go back and wonder if you meant half what you said, or were just drunk?

you send your final words, my heart ship is sunk,

didn't just leave a little hole, left a huge missing chunk,

ever since we ended i've only felt like junk.


Part of me wishes i never met you in that elevator, avoided all the heartbreak,

wishes i missed out on all the love and smiles just to avoid this incredible heartache,

was it a mistake? my writing is not to be explained,

the words are still the same, just the way you feel them changed.

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