Future & The Mess

December 2016

The hours in between when we're not texting or talking,

when you're out living or i'm out dog walking,

life and i ain't talking, too busy yawning,

i'm losing all that i hold dear, it's finally dawning.


Am i the only one who hates when we don't speak for more then an hour?

thoughts of you consume my time and devour

my mind but i find i hold the power,

i have the choice, still i allow her.


Of course my goal is to get the woman i love back, i dream too big,

i want to plant roots with you but you choose to dig,

rip up the plans and dreams, again i turn to music,

that plus dog walking is beyond therapeutic.


Best i ever met at rejecting those with less,

can't blame you, you're future but i'm a mess,

organize my thoughts and figure which gets,

more time in my mind, just a man with so much less.

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