Hope To One Day Be Good Enough

December 2016

I'm a mess too, i'd rather be with someone who makes me

want to be a better man, why wait? don't mistake me,

can't break me, my heart yes but not the ma behind the dome,

i've been pretending i'm walking to you and it works, till i get home.


You've known, i always miss your hug, your smile, your eyes,

my head is in the game and my eye is on the prize,

although my mind doesn't think it wise,

i'll keep fighting for you until the day i die.


Why? cause i love you and no matter who you sleep with,

or what happens my heart just can't agree with

my mind and it just wants to be with you,

so much happiness and love i could give you.


But there's this thing you keep bringing back up,

you were drunk and what you say then can't add up,

but you've said it, and i can only hope to one day be good enough,

all i want for Christmas is you, and your love.

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