A Revolution For Two

December 2016

Gotta face this,

without trying you break my heart on a daily basis,

not tenacious, for you? whatever helps,

can i love someone sleeping with someone else?


I don't want to love anybody else, but didn't i make it clear?

i'm never a second choice, quote of the year,

nothing left to fear, as easy as you walked away i could too,

can't i? love is a revolution for two.


Why do you keep pulling me in then pushing me away?

i'll still wake up and fall in love with you again the next day,

no matter what we say, repeat till the day i die,

you've made me happy, i felt like i could fly.


Now i feel like a cry, we could always make a comeback if you come back,

when i think about the future all i see is you, do you want that?

no ned to respond to that, i can tell by your eyes that you love me,

but i know you love another, no major discovery.

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