Dying To Find Someone Like Tom Has In You

November 2016

I learned my lesson last year so as much as i'd enjoy it,

to ask you over every night i know i shouldn't cause i don't want the disappointment,

your smile is hearts ointment, i see you in every face,

in every pretty girl, behind every attractive smile is your face,


not stuck in one place, listen to all advice,

clearly i'm doing something wrong if you broke my heart twice,

the cracks are precise, you i can't live without,

i'm the flame you're always trying to put out,


staying this route, i'll see it through,

i'm dying to find someone like Tom has in you,

somehow i knew, just when my heart was repairing,

you make it so easy for me to stop caring,


i can never stop staring, with me there will never be anyone else,

i thought i had you on hold too but whatever helps,

i love you no one else, you make me go berserk,

i'm still looking for the woman who kissed my forehead before she left for work.

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