Second First Kiss

November 2016

If you want the next step, text or call,

the balls in your court, it's all your call,

i'll "forget" tonight but i'm not removing it all,

words sure, but the actions i won't hide behind a wall.


It was hard for us to keep apart,

right from the start,

you give me the same reaction i get from fine art,

warm my whole body up starting from my racing heart.


Even drunk, you're so intelligent,

everything i've wanted, strong yet delicate,

there's still something between us, a love element,

and the sparks i felt for our second first kiss aren't irrelevant.


For now i'll plop down in my chair and sit back,

i won't say that there is something we should bring back,

whatever we are i don't want it ruined by,

my wants and needs, you and i.

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