Guess We'll Have To Try, Won't We (Part 2)

November 2016

Looking out the passenger window of her car,

always thinking of that first date at the bar,

she is a star, the setting couldn't be worse,

but through all our mistakes love inspired me verse after verse.


I still haven't found a way to feel as fine,

as i do when she's by my side,

i've always known that life is much better,

when we give into love and stick together.


The love i feel is stuck on extreme,

only she can pull me apart at the seam,

no longer in my dreams do i see her eyes,

i'm in love, i wouldn't be here otherwise.


Forgot the dream of flying.... what wings?

i've learned to run away on my feet, no matter what life brings,

hoping that in time we'll find,

the reason our lives feel so intertwined.

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