Guess We'll Have To Try, Won't We (Part 1)

November 2016

It isn't easy to understand,

the invisible spark that ignites when i brush by your hand,

high in demand at first,

then in the end it all reversed.


I cursed and died every time i didn't reply,

i never felt better then when i was by your side,

time after time i stuck our poor weather,

hoping it was worth it since it brought us together.


Then it was only better when i was in a dream,

once i awoke the thought of you tore me apart at the seam,

i'll always lean towards love and staring into your eyes,

i wouldn't be here otherwise.


It'd be wise to not use clipped wings,

i learn to use my feet even when it stings,

live like royalty and maybe we'll find,

a reason for our lives.

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