It's All Coming Back

November 2016

You still can't kiss me, i've noticed,

you're the only girl i've ever allowed as close, this

keeps me focuses, it's all coming back,

when you walked away i had high hopes you'd come back.


It's all rushing back, you've made me happy every day,

before we lose everything we have tomorrow, can we forget what happened yesterday?

in a way heaven's what you make it, hell's what you've put me through,

love's when all your happiness sadness and feelings are dependant on one person, guess i love you.


Only you, you're worth fixing myself for,

to this day i can't possibly love you any more,

love is worth going crazy for,

i'll love you way past the age of 84.


Once again open the door, time heals wounds but the mind can't forget,

you still feel ike this dream i've anted forever but can't get,

stay in step, no matter what this road brings,

first go round i foolishly thought i could love you enough to change things.

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