Thought Us Never More

November 2016

To be happy and not to pretend,

never though i'd see her after our end,

all the texts she'd send and i felt she didn't care,

stuck in my head daily were her blue eyes and blonde hair.


Way beyond where we'd go, she's still thinking of me,

don't ever again leave me,

hear me out, just when i thought we got there,

i arrived solo, she was not there.


Thought she coudn't care if she can't see,

all those days and nights thinking of you and me,

who'd she see after our love account was froze,

i thought us never more, it's how it always goes.


Little does she know when i closed my eyes,

i always saw her and thought of our good times, flashing by like road signs,

our love was a gold mine, and then it was pointless,

to not have to hide my feelings anymore and be voiceless.

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