History Repeats Part 2

November 2016

Please don't turn my life inside out,

just show that you want to keep me around,

no need to burn anything you don't agree with down,

there's pain in words, lets stifle the mouth.


11pm and my heart is racing, take a deep breath,

take the no even when you want nothing other then yes,

forget the dress, remember?... survive,

never close you heart, only close your eyes.


Don't try to keep your heart quiet,

trust its voice, don't conceal it and hide it,

feel the love, don't resist her,

keep everything you dream about to a low whisper.


We roll like the comets, history repeats,

where ever you're revolving to, it was far away from me,

heart racing, take a deep breath,

knew to take no when i was yearning for yes.

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