History Repeats Part 1

November 2016

No longer losing track of days, does it show?

can't say what i'm feeling, cause you don't know,

how to turn your emotions inside out,

how to turn the small corners of your mouth.


While i turned most all of the girls down,

i was waiting for you to show that you wanted me around,

never lost the love, hard to resist ya,

keep my heart at a low whisper.


Tried to slow my heart with a deep breath,

learned to take a no even when i want a yes,

i don't love and live, i love and survive,

open my heart, close my eyes.


Do much better at keeping quiet,

i know my voice, i choose to hide it,

only at a perfect time, not just for apologies,

replace the fallen trees with new life, history repeats.

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