Brings Back Hope

November 2016

Creep into my dreams and dance the night away,

just to disappear when my eyes open the next day,

tired of this play, it was impossible to cope,

i feared writing and still do cause it brings back hope.


Still stuck on nope, avoiding the strife,

i got so used to no having you in my life,

so goes the wife, just thinking that pains me still,

but now when you say good night i finally think to myself i will.


Immune to the thrills and all the city girls taunting,

i've always been an empty house you're haunting,

not much for flaunting, just not what i do,

all those words wasted on girls that weren't you.


Our silence is through, saw you during my car crash,

in between the collisions, it was you that lived in a flash,

all i saw was you and i laying together watching TV,

and feared i would never again have a chance to dream of we.

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