Love Who Loves You Back

November 2016

I can't continue to ignore the connection we made,

we began to fade off course, we strayed,

but here i've stayed, feelings are stronger then the same,

won't fall for a dame, i'm no ones to claim.


I became a better man, if you want it create it,

i write everything i wanna say cause if i don't i won't say it,

why bother to erase it? i'm complacent and patient,

once my heart has been broken enough it becomes vacant.


The foul was flagrant, for worst pain refer to you,

so many blondes i saw by Cafe Wha? and wished were you,

never chose to curse you, missed you not only as a friend,

it's easy to lose sight of yourself when close to an end.


These codes they send, hard to crack,

why can't we love only those who love us back?

was so hard to put on a smile and know i was acting,

when things just don't add up in life, start subtracting.

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