Pains of Goodbye

October 2016

With eyes like hers it's hard to remember the night,

it always felt like day around her, her smile so bright,

hadn o choice to fight earlier, she needed no help to decide,

me and my stupid pride, all the nights i've cried.


All the times i've lied and kept it the same old,

told everyone i was fine when i was deep down cold,

no amount of words could fill any one single line,

to explain the pain i felt, it's one of a kind.


Mostly in my mind, but now since Friday i've stared,

her eyes have always done more then warm me, i too am scared,

cause compared to any other, none have made me see the future,

quite as easily as her and none smoother.


It hurts more then i could describe to lose her, pains of goodbye,

the countless nights i've stayed up and fought the urge to cry,

all those times i asked why, stayed up all night,

just to wish i could once again write.

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