The Rose of My Life

October 2016

C mon baby, we both want each other so much,

i wanna tear your clothes off like i used to tear the leaf off a dutch,

no need to rush, let's take this slow,

point in any direction and i trust you enough to go.


I wish i could write out the perfect way to describe how much i missed you,

how much i still love you, and only the best i ever wished you,

it took everything to not kiss you even when i wanted to so badly,

all the desires for one another we speak of drive me mad. She


wants to go home, i can tell she's torn,

like the sweats we wear daily i can tell she was worn,

she was never a thorn, she was the rose of my life,

the only girl i'll ever say is the epitome of my perfect wife.


Pulled out the knife, and realized it was i,

who stabbed myself, not you, all those nights i've cried,

then nights turned to weeks, weeks to months,

all the time i longed for you, but never gave you a hunch.

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