Better Now

October 2016

Finally couldn't take it any longer,

i wanted to talk with you, already feel stronger,

slowly at first, then fast paced til 2:30 in the morning,

you always ran through my mind like a hurricane without warning.


At our own houses, together we drink,

i speak what i want but less then half what i think,

i wanna tell her so much more, but i slowly get wasted,

i barely manage to not embarass myself, can't fake it.


Amazed and happy to hear she's also thought of me,

thinking of what we could have and what we used to be,

all along i wondered if she was better now,

that i was no longer around.


We started to speak again on this Friday, felt so strange,

pulling down the notification bar and seeing her name,

still loving it when she texts me meow,

she was all it took to make me happy now.

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