Thor vs. Mad Bum

October 2016

The whole day i couldn't wait,

to later walk through that Citifield gate,

in a wild card state of mind,

a must win game, excitement and anticipation combined.


A pitchers duel designed to push Syndergaard to his limit,

and man did he prove he wasn't a gimmick,

until he was taken out after 7, Mad Bum couldn't mimic,

as Thor had a no hitter through 6, first hit made me grimace.


The Gillespie 9th inning homer brought sickness,

and $100 won on a bet with it,

i bid the 2016 Mets good riddance,

train racing me home, Citi fading off in the distance.


In my existence, it was the loudest game i've ever attended,

had more fun then was originally intended,

though our year has ended, i'll look back and smile,

see you in Spring 2017 with the same blue and orange style.

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