Midnight Accident

October 2016

Speeds up in the rear view, mirrors close enough to touch,

he turns away but swerves right back, never have i feared so much,

he slams into my drivers door in a rush, slammed up against the barricade,

never have i been so afraid of something man made.


Dizzy spell from the air bag fades, another car hits us from behind,

i move the bag out of my face trying to find,

the direction we're pointing in and all i see is the night sky,

i realize we're spinning in the air like a crippled fly.


Thinking i was going to die, back tires finally hit ground,

i slam on the brakes, making a halting screeching sound,

i hear fire, trapped in, out through the passenger door,

out onto the black cement of I-80 and the New Jersey floor.


Wasn't fire just airbag smoke, the gun powder smell lingering strong,

i never thought i would be in an accident and boy was i wrong,

others all okay, but the express lane was blocked,

another accident waiting to happen, the gun was cocked.


Few cars flew by, then finally a jeep,

ran over shattered glass and debris, a bad feeling down deep,

she turns the wheel, the top heavy jeep rolls and rolls,

i run over to the flattened upside down jeep praying for their souls.


Rip off the airbag, pull out the mom,

then the two daughters in the back, keeping the eldests seizure calm,

then pull out the grandma, last the dad,

no one was seriously injured and of that i was glad.


So fear this warning, especially when driving,

when it comes to other drivers on the road it's all about surviving,

you're day could com when you get lucky like mine did in Jersey,

when driving always be alert and always be worried.

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