Never Planned To Miss Her This Much

September 2016

It never goes according to plan,

she's just a woman, i'm just some man,

it might be difficult to understand,

i still miss her, and that was never planned.


We never panned out, when she was with me,

there was not one single thing to want or need,

but that wasn't enough, clear to see,

since she chose to end things with me.


Why must i be so damn emotional?

why did i for the first time lose control?

no longer feel whole, whatever works,

to make this not hurt as much as it has hurt.


I can clean the stains on my shirt, not on my mind,

on the day Viola Davis does her best lawyer acting i find,

that i still miss her, but wish her the best,

which i wish was me but all i left her was stressed.

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