Get Ryd of The Jet Ski

September 2016

If forgetting the past makes you repeat it then i'll soon forget you,

so maybe again i'll have a chance to feel loved by you,

gave enough to you, and was simply pushed away,

i should have left bread crumbs, i knew you'd stray.


Still not sure if i regret the day i met ya,

we're no longer that Summer fling so i no longer sweat ya,

i hope you're doing better, i still miss your face,

which is why i deleted all the pictures i never should've saved in the first place.


What a fall from grace, at a slow pace you chose to depart,

now every night i hope to fall asleep before i fall apart,

you used to have a warm heart, a beautiful smile, and that one single braid,

now all those memories we shared have begun to fade.


Still wish you would have stayed, now i'm terrified,

that by the time i find love i'll be dead inside,

with my pride still intact, on a choice i didn't agree

with i was forced to get ryd of my jet ski.

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