Made Sure I Felt The Pain

August 2016

Please don't ever give back my shirt,

i'm not sure i can handle that hurt,

stay a flirt and stay away,

if it's not about your dog you have nothing to say.


On this i can not sway,

this distance growing between us needs to for a while longer stay,

hard for you to obey but i can't let love go in vein,

you really made sure i felt the pain.


Swimming in my brain are your mesmerizing words, well versed,

and rethinking all of the lies is the worst,

was it all unrehearsed or planned? just stay away

i'm begging you to just stay away.


If you only hold onto one thing i say,

away is the place for a while longer you need to stay,

tought for me to obey, but it wasn't in vein,

when you made sure i felt the pain.

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