Inside My Mind (Part 1)

August 2016

Another cold lonely night,

doing anything i can to not write,

with nothing left in sight, what else can i do?

i become weak again and write about you.


I never really agreed with fate,

and always found it hard to truly concentrate,

but on that Steakhouse date i wasn't taking any chances,

i was doing my best to fight off all those glances.


Much like the dances of past lovers living inside

my mind, i tried and i tried,

to make believe that what you said was true,

in the end the only shadow left laughing is you.


No one can come close, life only has so much treasure,

it was us who found each other, but you did better,

i didn't know whether to trust your nonexistent actions or your words,

and in the end it was the missing action that made me realize we wouldn't work.

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