My Heart Still Thinks It Needs You

August 2016

We all get played or used from time to time,

i'll pretend i can't see you when you're walking by,

all i can hope is you never ask why,

cause the only answer i'll have is bye.


Every day and night, everywhere i see you,

it's like my mind gets it but my heart still thinks it needs you,

you cut deep enough that the pain bleeds through and i can't sleep,

i'm tired of dreaming and finding myself in your front seat.


It was you who dumped me, and it's i that still chooses to miss you,

but i'll never stoop so low as to admit it to you,

you're clearly over me, phew,

now i just have to catch up and fully get over you.


A warm heart is overdue, no longer keep it on the low,

i'm no different then many others, and we want you to know,

we're tired of cold hearted dames who play games, worst combo,

all along you still had an attraction for your ex, took my heart out nice and slow.

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