A Fools Idea Of Destiny

August 2016

Don't know why you left me, still i'm lyrical,

for me to love again anytime soon i'd need a miracle,

you act like i was unbearable, difficult is what we would be,

i started to want us to end around my birthday truthfully.


I always stayed honest with you, best believe,

i always gave you the absolute best of me,

you hated me for my empathy, we weren't even kinda close,

all of 2016 i feel like i've been comatose.


I was on overload, you'll be in my heart for eternity,

but i'll never stop believing we were a fools idea of destiny,

heard a different melody with you and i'd presently rather be,

at a much lower pitch so i could hide underneath.


The pain of missing her helplessly, i'm stuck in between,

an insomniacs nightmare or a broken hearted mans vivid dreams,

that special vision we once shared brought out the best of me,

now all i can say to the best of me is rest in peace.

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