Graffiti On My Heart

July 2016

I took a chance that one last time,

hearing your voice on that sky view elevator climb,

that perfect once in a lifetime moment, now i'm your castaway,

and still i love you anyway.


Took more then enough time to choose leaving,

now i'm taking more then enough time grieving,

broken heart achieving, hung me out to dry,

i still haven't found the good in our goodbye.


Been in a state of devastation since you've been gone,

maybe i was just chasing a dream all along,

maybe no one was wrong, but still you gave me the blame,

after all is said and done, i've loved you the same.


You never changed the locks on your heart from the start,

in the end you're a scar none can see, just graffiti on my heart,

broke every single god damn rule,

and i fell for you on that elevator climb like a fool.

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