"It's Not As It Seems"

July 2016

No need to rush to get home,

home is the heart, and my hearts been stolen,

doesn't matter how they start, wreckless truth,

by the end all my poems are about you.


No matter the time you'll cross my mind,

and i'll do my best to see between the lines,

all black and white except for the color of your eyes,

the way that wave always found a way to capsize.


No way to write out this pain short,

i'm filled with so much hurt and remorse,

fight sleep cause you mock me even in my dreams,

and i wake up to "it's not what it seems."


If only i found a way to mute my mind,

i could just sit back and watch as time

slowly flies by in front of my eyes,

find all our knots and smoothly untie.

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