Hate That I'm Still Madly In Love With You

June 2016

Nothing is dead until it's forgotten,

the core is perfect but the surroudning apple is rotten,

just awesome, look what she did,

i guess i can live without things that made my life what it is,


on todays pop quiz we'll cover all my flaws,

the shades are pulled down so there's no distracting pause,

you'll drop more jaws, hate to say it's true,

all i ever really wanted was you,


never asked you to change, sadly you didn't feel the same,

i'll keep my mouth shut but i know who takes the blame,

must have all been a game, you suckered me in,

to something i should have known better then to begin,


acted like i was a kingpin, but treated me like a miscue,

i hate that i'm still madly in love with you,

why must it still be true, i'm surrounded daily by beautiful women,

but still it's you i think of while we're sippin.

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