Our One Year

June 2016

Some girls feel like chapters, others like a book,

all it really takes is one seductive look,

just one catchy hook, what's sad but true,

is i feel like i'm holding on when there's nothing to hold onto,


i thought i knew you, now through pain i write,

i'd be lying if i said it didn't still keep me up at night,

then up til daylight, way past the next dawn,

i write you all these poems like you still have a right to know what's going on,


just getting used to the daily yawn, getting back on track,

i guess you grew tired of playing house with him and wanted him back,

thanks for all the feedback, and killing the thrills in me,

sleeping with your ghost is slowly but surely killing me,


no really she still warms up my dreams, giving me heart-mares,

it's not me you're having sex with, crazy neighbor says i'm doing good in there,

telling him it's not me in there, so please stay clear,

if only we made it til today, our one year.

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