Just Gotta Believe There's Something Better

April 2016

I always saw you for what you could have been,

i really thought we were more then a win,

i trusted the goosebumps you gave me all over my skin,

all that got me was feeling like a has been.


I just gotta believe there's something better then you and me,

must be, judging on what you chose to do to me,

always liked to act like you couldn't get through to me,

and always loved to complain about something, even my poetry.


I miss you more then i thought i would,

i still want you more then i ever could,

i love you way more then i still should,

and none of that is understood.


Memories are killing me from the inside out,

wat once was overthinking has now evolved to doubt,

before i walked to your heart i should have sent a scout,

and upon his return chose to take a safer route.

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