I Lost Something I Never Really Had

April 2016

We're blind to the hell in hello and the good in goodbye,

choose to believe when in the middle is a lie,

we try and try to open up our hearts and simplify

life but without valuing ourselves what's good passes us by.


I've cried before but never like this,

ever since she finally called it quits,

just 13 poems ago i was surrounded by pure bliss,

now i walk around with a fake smile in a real abyss.


Her face can't be dismissed from my dreams at night,

should have listened when she said i was too good for her, she was right,

and they were right, everyone who warned me to take flight,

don't fight for someone who changes who you are and how you write.


Now out of my sight, i hope soon i'll stop being so sad,

can't shake the feeling like i lost something i never really had,

every step i take i think of her, covered in my ad,

at least for me it was real, even if it was something i never really had.

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