Regress But Never Regret

April 2016

Have a lot to say for the one who walked away,

three times, like a heavy footed ballet,

made sure you took your aim and had your say,

we must have been a script and our love was all play,


have a good day, thanks for proving me right,

even in the end you couldn't be polite,

i kept my insults to myself despite you attacking me night after night,

projecting all your bullshit on me but it's alright,


no matter how i write, i forgive but never forget,

sure i feel like i'm lost, i regress but never regret,

actions speak wonders, it's clear you were deadset,

on casting me aside like an old cassette,


only with my guitar do i fret, beautiful sounds resting on my knee,

i truly apologize i'm not some guy with a degree,

doesn't make me any less wiser, so maybe till i'm thirty,

get off my mind, give back my heart and stay away from me.

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