What Once Felt Monumental

April 2016

Wish i knew sooner i was a rental,

just seen that elevator conversation as accidental,

now my mental ocean is anything but gentle,

and i see you as insincere, cantankerous and judgemental,


semi thoughtless, what once felt monumental now feels like a joke,

slept thinking you were affectionate and considerate till i woke

up and tried my best to erase every word you ever spoke,

only my best mistake because you were a reason to not smoke,


this ugly frog can croak, i'm tired of starting over,

sick and tired of always thinking of you, drunk and sober,

maybe it's cause i felt love, a lesson for when i'm older,

never put a warm heart in a headcase that's colder,


you'll always have a shoulder, but for now it's out of use,

should have known you weren't the one sooner and said deuce,

instead i made an excuse why you would choose,

to date me but call me uneducated and miss him... some excuse.

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