You Hurt In The Worst Ways

April 2016

Never have i ever felt such pain,

i know it's not all in my brain,

what did you gain by breaking my heart?

i sort of knew you weren't into us from the start,


sure you were pretty smart, but you hurt in the worst ways,

hell, you didn't even come see me for my birthday,

gave me a reason to rid my room of my ash trays,

but also gave me reasons to watch you leave my driveway,


i won't replay, i refuse to allow myself to hurt again and again,

i hate myself for still loving you and wanting to be your friend,

you never wanted to mend, just didn't want to lose me,

instead you abused me and never thought to choose me,


best part was when you accused me of ending us, what a thrill,

it was i who yelled but it was you who chose to kill,

handed me a jar full of pills and said take them all at once,

you may have been a beauty, but you didn't have to treat me as a dunce.

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