I Was Fine Until I Fell

April 2016

It's been too long, couldn't find the courage,

was too long stuck in my own mental storage,

where it's not very furnished, i just pace back and forth,

crying from east to west, dragging my feet from south to north,


heart broke in fourths, why'd i ever fall in love?

should have seen that for her nothing is enough,

especially unconditional love, i was fine until i fell,

now i progress forward in my own hell,


with no one to tell, cause it's in my head,

how long did it really take before he was warming half of your bed?

i think of better things instead, like how with time,

i'll, like i have a few times before, find a way to be fine,


another solo night where i dine alone,

no longer get excited when the screen of my phone

lights up and lets me know of some text,

which is why i keep it on silent now, i'm perplexed and vexed.

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