Just Say

February 2016

I'm in charge of my happiness, no one else,

i don't need to speak with anyone, i'm my own help,

fuck everyone who makes me anything  but happy,

fuck anyone who constantly makes me feel crappy.


So what i'm sappy, sometimes sad and too nice,

care about yours, i'll care about my own life,

and if you don't want me in yours as a lover just say,

i'll grab my things and move on some way.


Tomorrow i'll wake up and only do for me,

why the fuck would i care if you're horny?

it isn't for me, so take your horns and aim else where,

i've damaged us but you killed us, i can't care.


Behind closed doors you could talk about the two of you,

i'll be doing me and it'll have nothing to do with you,

if you no longer want me as a lover, just say,

i'll move on and live to love some other day.

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