If I Could Believe Her

February 2016

I hope i'm not again being paranoid,

i write this all out so she won't be annoyed,

am i being toyed with? who would she choose?

i really hope i'm not being used.


I don't know if loving you could ever happen,

then again i don't know if anything can happen,

went from mappin out my future to counting all the days,

that i mope around feeling stuck in a sad daze.


Another night of tossing and turning in my bed,

can't keep this love out of my head,

would i rather never have met her instead?

no, cause she brought me back from the dead.


If i could believe her, maybe i could leave her,

like she's left me thrice, leaving in her four seater,

with her old flame still burning in the drivers seat,

how can i not feel depressed? all i feel is defeat.

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