Another Shot Of Liquor

February 2016

If dreams are where i have to go,

for me to truly know,

that what one shows and says always differ,

bartender, i'll take another shot of liquor.


The mornings with no one to text keep adding up,

somehow i must find a way to keep my heart shut,

empty my cup, that was just the kicker,

bar keep i'll take another shot of liquor.


If you don't care about anniversaries then how come

you put you and Toms on your calendar, i'm not dumb,

you used to make me smile and speed up my ticker,

now all you do is make me ant another shot of liquor.


Why can't you just be upfront with me, what do you want?

i don't know how much longer i can take this taunt,

i feel numb, holding my hand above our candles flicker,

the more i think of you the more i want another shot of liquor.

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